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We are so-called because the grandfather of the Pathfinder’s commanding and founding members was a member of the Pathfinders (8th Infantry) during WW2, blazing a path through France shortly after D-Day.  The name, then is in honor of that service, and the service of all soldiers.

This is a ‘family friendly’ clan.  We have some young people (pre-teen) who play with us occasionally.   By ‘family friendly’ we mean no profane language, sexual innuendo, or inappropriate game names.  This is one of our MAIN, if ONLY rules:  keep it clean!  See more about our conduct guidelines.

The purpose of the clan, in fact, is to help raise these young people into citizens that will respect the service and sacrifice of our soldiers.  Also, it gives us the opportunity to discuss issues such as when violence is necessary, honor, loyalty, chain of command, etc.

The clan is recruiting.

The clan currently plays primarily on WorldWar2Online.  In the past it has played Rainbow6 and Battlefield 1942.   There are no plans to add other games in the near future, but as time goes on this will change.

The clan has its own dedicated server running BF1942.  The server may be up at any time; if it is up, you will find it under this name:  “PF warpath.us MosquitosLair”  A search/filter of PF seems to find it immediately (assuming the server is actually up, of course.)

Application process.

Rank is based on age, years of gaming experience, skills, leadership abilities, and the like.  An initial interview will set the initial rank, which does not come into effect until a probationary period of 3-6 months is finished.  (The higher the rank, the longer the probationary period).

It is expected that people representing the Pathfinders will carry themselves with honor.  The use of unauthorized/unpermitted hacks or cheats on our server or another server can result in demotion or removal from the clan.

Clan Practices

Many times game day will just be a free for all.  However, increasing in rank requires measured achievement during these games as well as success in training exercises.

The Pathfinders LIKE working together as a team.  We like taking a hill (for example) with clockwork precision.  Or capturing a bunker after clearing it with close cooperation.

The Pathfinders LIKE winning when they work together as a team, and that takes practice.  In fact, the Pathfinders LIKE practice, that is, drilling.  Applicants would do well to keep that in mind!

If you want to join our roster, knowing what you have just read, please submit the application form to begin the process.  Of course, you are always welcome to play on our servers without being a clan mate.  Look for us in particular on Saturday mornings!

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