Pathinder SOP

Pathfinder SOP

– First and foremost the Pathfinders are established in honor of military veterans, in particular those of World War 2.  As such, we conduct ourselves in an honorable fashion, by avoiding profane language, being obnoxious, etc.  In contrast, we aim to play well, without regard to whether anyone else even notices. –

Pathfinders are not required to play with the squad all of the time or even most of the time.  That said, Pathfinders tend to be people who actually like the kind of game play that comes from working together.

General Principles For How The Pathfinders Work Together

1.  Upon spawn in on any given town, the Pathfinder will first check CPs that are spawnable to make sure they are clear of EI.

2.  Pathfinders don’t walk PAST CPs.  If they are on their way to another location and a CP is on the way, a Pathfinder will at least check it, and attempt to clear it if needed.

3.  Pathfinders are willing to do the work that needs to be done:  guard a spawn, guard a FB, march overland for 30 minutes to set a FRU to take down a FB, etc.

4.  Pathfinders defend CPs intelligently.   One or more may cut the CP entrances from outside but at least one will be inside it.  But the emphasis might be:  Pathfinders DEFEND CPs.

5.  Pathfinders assault a position simultaneously, whenever possible.  [1-2 guys send frags, 1-2 guys rush, fraggers then follow behind, etc.]

6.  Pathfinders tend to play on the defense, because if a spawnable goes down, or the FB goes down, the attack ends.  The Pathfinders do not like to commit to an attack unless the infrastructure of that attack (i.e., the FB to the town) is defended.

7.  Pathfinders like to have fun.  Winning is fun.  Losing is not.   The Pathfinders do what it takes to win, even if no one else is.

8.  Pathfinders think ‘training’ is fun.  We sometimes practice, because practice makes winners… and winning is fun.