Defensive SOP – 1 AB Towns

This SOP can also be titled: How to lead a volunteer army to victory.


1. We need to explicitly understand the situation. It is twofold: 1., we have an all volunteer army, and indeed many of the soldiers pay to play. 2., despite 1., military realities still apply.

This dynamic must be understood to successfully achieve an objective in online games.

2. Specific orders need to be given to specific individuals/squads to hold specific objectives.

When Everyone hears that Someone needs to do something he assumes that Someone is. In fact, Nobody does it. Make sure that SOMEBODY is doing it.

3. Don’t attack unless basics–such as defense–is established.

You’ll just have to leave your attack anyway when your FB goes down, etc.

4. A good defense is an intelligent defense.

Think. Analyze. Predict where the enemy will be and re-deploy as necessary.

Boiling it Down

A Defensive SOP aiming to achieve a position of strength upon which to launch other activities would include specifically asking specific people to do:

1. guard specific CPs/AB/etc.

2. Intelligent pre-positioning of artillery and armor.

3. Setting aside 3-5 guys to be a rapid response team.

4. gaining intel by appointing sector captains

Probably 3 out of every 5 towns in this game could be successfully defended in this way with 10 guys. When the Axis dog gets its nose smacked, it doesn’t put the whole head in. Let him get his head in, and the rest of him follows in a flash. The SOP can be scaled up if necessary, of course, and some towns need other elements (such as close air support and heavy armor deployment), but in the main, this SOP works every time.