Pathfinder Clan Ranks

As stated on the main page, new recruits will be assigned a probationary rank that only comes into effect once the recruit has proved himself.  A temporary rank will be assigned during the probationary time that takes in account the player’s age, gaming experience, skill, loyalty, etc. Players will have an opportunity to rank up according to the time chart below (with frequent exceptions).  Loyalty counts;  rarely will a new recruit receive a rank higher than a loyal Pathfinder.

You must generally be at the particular rank for the specified amount of time before you can rank up.  We reserve the right to make appointments-or not make them- as we see fit.  Battlefield commissions are common but must be earned.

Private (PVT) —– 2 months
Private (PV2) —– 2 months
Private First Class —– 3 months
Corporal —– 3 months
Sergeant —– 4 months
Staff Sergeant —– 4 months
Sergeant First Class —–4 months
Master Sergeant —– 4 months
Sergeant Major —– 6 months



Second Lieutenant —– 4 months
First Lieutenant  —– 4 months
Captain —– 6 months
Major —– 12 months
Lieutenant Colonel —– 18 months
Colonel —– 24 months
Brigadier General —– 24 months
Major General —– 24 months
Lieutenant General —– 24 months
General —– NA