Pathfinder Conduct Guidelines

Conduct guidelines:

There are two basic categories we are interested in:  A., attitude and B., language.


As for attitude, what we don’t want to see is ‘in fighting’ amongst fellow squad members and we surely don’t want to see squaddies berating other players or AHC, etc.  We all have our opinions, but that doesn’t mean you should always share them.  😉  Also, how you share them can be important.  If you see this as a game, and not anything really important, you will probably be able to keep things in proportion and context.  Because it is just a game.

But please, we beg you, don’t be a depot sniper, because that can cause even the most even handed person to black out and do who knows what in his anger-induced coma.


As explained on the main page, one of the reasons why we don’t want foul language is because many of the Paths allow their kids to play, and they shouldn’t have to hear that kind of stuff.  But frankly, many of the Paths don’t want to hear it, either.  The leadership certainly doesn’t.  Lest there be any confusion about the kinds of words we don’t like, you may, if you wish, look at this list.  Just so that there is no ambiguity, here is a list of the kinds of words we don’t want to see (warning–foul language).  We really do not want to see this on squad chat and would frown on it if seen on the other channels, and absolutely do NOT want to hear it on Teamspeak.

However, it is worth pointing out that abbreviations are not cool, either.  Eg, in place of ‘God’ people may substitute the G, as in ‘gd’ for ‘God damn.’  A common example in the game is ‘ffs.’  We don’t like this, either.

Thank you for your consideration on these items.