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Protected: Not for your eyes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Playing the angles

A lot of players say there is ‘shooting through walls’ going on.  Not so.



See it?



In this selection, I took my shot with a SMG from about 70m away through two windows, into the spawn depot.


I don’t know if this guy thought he was untouchable or not, but I ended up shooting him in the hand for the kill.


Shot him from top of a building.ShotFromTopofBuilding

I didn’t actually get this guy.  But it is from two buildings over and he probably wouldn’t have seen me unless he had looked in my exact direction, while I had a great view on him.shotfromtwowallsover

I’ll take this shot all day long.


I’m Bugboy


I’m Bugboy


Payment Information

Thank you for completing the submission form for your order of “Rats vs. Aliens.”  PF Mosquito will now use your mailing address and quantity information to calculate the shipping costs and add that to the total amount due.  Watch your email for an email from for that information.  (If you have a Hotmail or MSN email, contact him with an alternate email, because Hotmail, etc., hates him.)

Then, return to this page to submit your payment using The paypal button below.  (Note, you do not need to have Paypal for this to work.)  If you need to make alternate arrangements for payment, coordinate that with the Skeeter by email. The absolutely preferred way to take a payment is via Dwolla. If you have a Dwolla account, or can set one up, let Mosquito know so he can give you his account number.

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